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Value Vacuum Pump

  • Totally  Upgrade
  • Dual Voltage

Yellow Jacket - Manifolds Gauges

Forged body is solid brass for durability. Full porting maximizes capacity. Metal valve handles are full size for easy operation. Hose anchors are forged into back of body at 45°.

Tube Bender

  • Make Fast Bends On Almost Every Size Of Soft Copper ,Brass, Aluminium , Steel And Soft Stainless Steel Tubing .
  • New Fixed Hook Tube Benders Furnished Have Easy 900 Start-Require Much Less Effort To Make Fast, Accurate Bender.

Safety Footwear

Power up your safety. Cripier safety boots are comfortable, safe and look great.

Spring Bender

Spring Bender Slip Over Soft Copper And Aluminium Tubing During Bending To Help Prevent Tube Collapse .

Manifold Set & Charging Hose

To Refill & Release In To Air Conditioner Is It, Respectively For The Gas .