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Range of Products

Foam Tape

  • Used In Tubing/Ducting Joints, Valves, Cabinet-Seals, Etc 

Insulation Glue


  • A Compatible Rubber Glue To Work With Our Products 
  • Allow For Few Minutes, Then Press Lightly For Optimum Bond Between Rubber & Pipe / Duct Surface.

Insulation Sheets

Insulation Sheets Are Extremely Flexible And Especially Adaptable To Insulating Duct Work. Chillers, Tanks, Vessels And Large Pipes. Sheets Also Are Available In Per-Cut , Or In Rolls . 


Insulation Is A Flexible & Light Weight Elastomeric 
Nitrile Foam Material Designed For Thermal . Insulation 
Comes In Black  Is Available Either  In Tubing Or Sheet Form