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Refrigerant Gas R-11

Cfc-11 Is A  Colorless And Transparent Liquid At Room Temperature . 
It Is Non-flammable , Non-explosive And Low Toxicity, 
It Almost Does Not Dissolve In Water, But Can Dissolve In Alcohol, 

Ether , Oil And Many Hydrocarbons , It Is A Refrigerant ( 0o C To 10oCGrade ) Applied In The Air Conditioners With Centrifugal Or Compressor .

Ethane Gas R - 170

Cylinder Vaive Is Closed And Not Leaking. Valve Outlet Cap Nut Or Plug (rvhere Provided), Is Correctly Fitted. \/alve Protection Device (where Provided) Is Conectly Fitted. Compliance With Applicable Regulations

Refrigerant Gas R - 502

R-502 Is A Low Temperature Refrigerant Which Has A High 
Refrigerating Ability And Fast Refrigerating Rate . It Is Mainly 

Used As Refrigerant For Cooling Showcase , Refrigerating  Machines , Low Temperature Refrigerators And Low Temperature Compressors . 

Dupont R - 507

R-507 Is A Mixture Of Hydrofluorocarbon , Refrigerants Hfc-125 And Hfc-143a. It An Azeo - Trope, Nonflammable, And Has No Ozone Depletion Potential These Properties Make It A Candidate Refrigerant For Applications Where Safety And Consis Tency Of Performance Are Needed . 

Refrigerant Gas R - 407C

R-407 And R-410 Have Been Tested In Detail By 

Both Arep And Jarep ,  And Use Has Already Gedun In Air -conditinonig Systems And Room Air Conditioning .

Refrigerant Gas R-404A

R404 Has The Same If Not Lower Discharge Temperature Than R-502.

For This Reason , It Was Tested Discharge Temperature Than R-502. For This Reason, It Was Tested In The Detail By Arep/Jarep And Is Already Used In Refrigeration Trucks And Conditioning Units . 

Refrigerant Gas R - 410 A

2component Non Azeotropic Mixed Refrigerant ,
Theoretical Cop Of 89% Compared To Hcf-22
( System Cop Test Sample Of Optimized System = 101) % ,
Pressure Is Approx 1.6 Times Higher Than Hcfc-22 , Thus Major 

Design Changes Are Required. High Pressure Refrigerant Ensures High . Cooling/heating Capacity .

Refrigerant Gas R-141B

Foaming agent as alternative to Refrigerant 11 , and Precision Cleaning agent to Substitute 113 .

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