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Range of Products

Center Clamp Meter

  • Autoranging 
  • 400A Mximum 
  • Data Hold Function 
  • Jaw Opening Diameter 25mm
  • Iec 1010 600v Cat II , 300v Cat III


AZ Hygro Thermometer

  • Triple Display Rh, wet bulb & Dew point , 
  • Temp Features penetrate Temp. Probe Measures  .
  • Surface Temp Of Object And Air Temp 
  • Design With  Precision Rh Sensor 
  • Accurate And Quick Response Readings 
  • External Probe For Checking Food Quality 

AZ Infrared Thermometer

The Most Popular Items Built In Laser Sighting Backlight Function     Pre-set Emissivity Selectable .

Digital thermometer BT-2

Automatically Memorize The Max/min Values Of Indoor / Outdoor Temperature And Indoor Humidity . 

AZ Air Flow Meter

Remote Vane With Built-in Temp+rh Sensors ,
To Get RH , DP, Temp,wet Bulb Temp. And Air Velocity,
Air Volume Readings Patent Gesign Rotate Sensor Cap Prevents 

AZ Sound Level Meter

  1. Selecting A & C
  2. Selecting The Response Time 
  3. Freezing The Maximum Sound Level Reading 
  4. Recording The Maximum And Minimum Measurements 
  5. Using The Backgound Noise Absorber