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Universal Filter Driers

- These Filter-drier Are Intended For Use On CFC's , 
   HCFC's, HFC's Mineral Oil , Poe And Alkybenzene.

- Use On Unlisted Gases Or Fluids Could Result In Product ,                  Deterioration Or Personal Injury.

- Be Sure The Filter-drier Is Not Required To Operate,
  At Conditions Exceeding The Safe Working Pressure 
  Of 500 Psig .


Danfoss Filter Driers


- Perfect Core Blend For Systems That Operate At ,
  High Condensing Temperatures And Require High Drying Capacity .
- Optimizad For CFC And HCFC Refrigerants ( R22,r502,etc),
  With Mineral Or Alkyl  Benzene Oils, Compatible With HFC's  And  Refrigerant Blends


Emerson Filter Drier


- Filtration First For More Effective Use Of Surface Area Of Desiccant 
- High Moisture And Acid Removal 
- Solid Copper Fittings 
- Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Power Paint Finish 
- Copeland Approved For Poe Oils