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Restrained Vibration Isolators

Noise & Vibration Control Products

Restraint Vibration Shall Be of  Welded Steel Housing Assembly, With Spring (s) In Cap*(1) or Mounting Load Plate And Bottom Base Plate. level Is Adjustable By Hexagon Nuts(s). Locking Taps*(2) For  The Top Load  Plate And  Bolting Holes* (3) For The Bottom Base Plate Are Provided. The Steel Housing Is Hot-Dipped Galvanized As Standard While Epoxy Coating As Optional. Locking Screw And 

Spring Hangers ( SHDD )


  • SHDD-A
  • SHDD-B
  • SHDD-C

Spring Hangers ( SHDD-MA )

SHDD-MA Is a Combination of SH-MA Series Spring Hanger And Duo-Deflection Neoprene Element . The Duo-Deflection Neoprene Element Is 0.25 Inch Average Rated And Helps Isolate Most of Simple Noise And Vibration Above 900 Rpm ( 15Hz ) Range While The Spring Is Isolating Main Range of Disturbing Frequencies of Vibration . 

Spring Hangers ( SH-MA )

SH-MA Is Created For Its Compact Size Yet  Rugged In Design Particularly Suitable For Light & Small Hvac Equipment  As Various Kinds of Fans.

  • Vav  Units
  • Silencers
  • Plenum Boxes
  • Duct-Works 
  • Small Diameter Pipelines 

Not Only Does The Appearance And Size Match That of The Small HVAC Equipment SH-MA Is Also More Than Meeting The Lateral Stability Requirement of Spring Outside Diameter / Operating Height Ration of 0.80 And  A Minimum Reserve Load Capacity of 50% of The Rated Load

Spring Vibration Isolation ( YDS )

Noise & Vibration Control Products 

  • YDS-A
  • YDS-B
  • YDS-C
  • YDSL
  • YDS-X
  • YDS-Y
  • YDS-Z